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The Never-Revealed 3-Step System To Rapidly Build An Email List And Turn It Into Passive Cash Flow

Step #1: An Irresistible Lead Magnet

A lead magnet is something you use to giveaway in exchange for a person’s email address. The lead magnet must be free to act as a bait for your subscribers.

Now, when it comes to creating your lead magnet, there are two criteria you must follow. First, it has to be a digital download. This is to ensure it costs you nothing to give it away and you do not need any unnecessary expenses.

The second criteria is the most important of all. The lead magnet needs to be irresistible and value-packed because it is the first point of contact you will have with your audience.

You want to use it to your advantage to wow your audience to instantly build your like-trust factor. When they see your lead magnet, it must be irresistible to quickly make your audience want it and give you their email address for it.

Then, the minute they open your lead magnet, it should contain value-packed content that makes you an authority within your niche. By doing so, this will turn your audience into loyal subscribers who want to open your emails and listen to you.

Most people who struggle to turn emails into profit overlooked this which leads them to a failing business. It makes a significant difference in those who are successful with their email business and those who are not.

Step #2: A Lead Capture Mechanism

Once you’ve created your irresistible lead magnet, you would need a Lead Capture Mechanism.

Don’t worry, you don’t need to create a brand new website and the whole 9 yards.

You simply create a Facebook Lead Ad to give away your lead magnet within Facebook and start building an email list.

However, despite the fact that Facebook makes it easy, there’s a huge flaw.

Personally, we believe this is the biggest mistake that Facebook has with their revolutionary Lead Ads capability.

It’s having NO automation.

The very minute your audience gives you their email address, their email address sits in a mysterious folder within your Facebook account.

Each day, you would need to download the excel file of all the emails and upload it to your favorite email service provider.

But then, this causes 2 additional problems.

Firstly, most email service providers do not allow you to upload your email lists! Even if your email service provider gives you the blessing to do so, the second problem arises.

If you only upload once a day, by the time your first email gets sent out to your new subscribers, they may have forgotten about you!

We know this because we encountered these problems first-hand.

To solve this problem, we had to create our own solution.

A solution that cost us months of development and nearly $100,000 of investment!

Finally, we were able to create a complete automation solution!

We call this LeadsTunnel.

LeadsTunnel is an automation software that acts as a tunnel between your Facebook Lead Ads and your favorite email service provider.

The minute your audience gives you their email address within Facebook, it’s instantly sent through our tunnel and uploads right into your email account in real-time so your new email subscribers will receive your first email.

In fact, LeadsTunnel is so powerful that it’s even approved by Facebook!

With LeadsTunnel, you no longer need a landing page or worry about creating a website. You can instantly start building an email list right off of Facebook!

You might wonder how much does LeadsTunnel cost?

Well, if you read through this entire letter to the very end, you’ll learn how you can get access to LeadsTunnel for a very special discount that you cannot find elsewhere.

Step #3: A Money-Generating Machine

Now that you have your Irresistible Lead Magnet and your Lead Capture Mechanism in place, it’s time to turn your emails into passive income!

When it comes to email marketing, the first thing people think of is affiliate marketing.

That’s true and it is definitely a quick and easy way to start generating an income with your email list.

For those of you that have never heard of affiliate marketing, it’s simply promoting a product that you don’t own and make a hefty commission for every sale you refer.

In fact, it requires no website, no product creation and worrying about customers!

Just send your new subscribers to the offer with your tracking link and see your commission roll in.

The crazy part is, businesses offer as high as 90% commission for every sale you refer to them! That means you’re making more money than these businesses without even worrying about a single thing!

Let’s say if you can make 1 sale a day with a $50 product at 90% commission.

If you do the math, that’s $1,350 profit right into your pocket and all you need to do is write a simple email to your email subscribers!

In a year, that’s $16,425 in true passive income!

Passive income

However, affiliate marketing is not the only way to turn your emails into a stream of passive income.

There are multiple ways for you to generate profit with your email list and it also does not require you to create a website, develop a product and worry about customer service headaches!

One of them is called Solo Ads.

There are thousands of business owners who are more than happy to pay you for every click you send from your email with their pre-written email.

Regardless if the clicks generates a sale or not for them, the risk is on them and not on you! They are obligated to pay you for every click you send.

Each click can be charged as high as $1.00!

If you have an email list that can generate 100 clicks from a single email, you instantly profit $100 in your pocket per day!

Do it for 30 days, that’s a $3,000 per month passive income by simply sending simple emails that you don’t even need to write yourself!

To make $100,000 a year in passive income, all you need is 300 clicks a day!


Not to mention, affiliate marketing and solo ads are not the only ways to turn your emails into passive income. There are multiple ways!

This 3-step system is simple yet super powerful.

Luckily we documented the entire process and we’re proud to announce that we finally crafted an easy-to-follow 3-step system that allows anyone to rapidly build an email list and turn it into passive cash flow.

This can all be done:

  • WITHOUT creating a website
  • WITHOUT developing your own product
  • WITHOUT worrying about customer service
  • WITHOUT having inventory
  • WITHOUT using dropshipping and
  • WITHOUT any prior experience or knowledge!

Introducing FB Leads Formula A Unique 3-Step System That’s Designed To Profit Online By Building An Email List!

This took us 13 months to develop and today, you will have everything you need to get started and potentially replicate our success.

#1 – Proven, Step-By-Step System & Training

All our trainings are designed with two outcomes in mind. They’re results-driven and easy-to-follow so regardless of what prior knowledge you have, if you follow the step-by- step inside our training, you’ll see your email business grow at an unprecedented pace.

Inside our FB Leads Formula, you will get the complete, step-by-steps on:

  • Finding The HOTTEST Niches To Start Profiting Online
  • Creating An Irresistible Lead Magnet With MINIMAL Time, Effort & Money
  • How To Start Building An Email List Without A Website – FAST
  • How To Write Simple Emails That Sells – Even If Your English Isn’t The Best
  • The Underground Methods To Turn Emails Into Passive Cash Flow Without Needing A Product Or Website! (It’s NOT Just Affiliate Marketing! We’ll Share Several Ways That You Can Monetize From Your Email List)
  • The 15-Mins Per Day Passive Income Checklist
  • And Much More!

We’re confident to say that if you are driven to success, you can start building an email list as quickly as this week and potentially see your first sale right away!

You will have immediate access to the entire training because we don’t want to hold you back on how quickly you can start building your email business!

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